Athens - weheartit

Austin - Culturemap

Bali - Cocoon 

Bangkok - Charles Roffey

Belgrade - Vesna Lalic, BNE

Bogota - Theatron De Pelicula

Buenos Aires - Human

Cartagena - D8

Dubai - Lars Plougmann

Hong Kong - Angelina Draper

Las Vegas - Liaison

London - Matt Brown -

Las Vegas - Liaison Las Vegas

Madrid - Ted Eytan

Tokyo - Lauren Anderson -

Mexico - Jose Miguel Rosas

Paris - Raidd

Rio De Janeiro - Cariocawear

Santiago - Tera

Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv Pride

Tokyo - Lauren Anderson

Warsaw - DL



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Menergy - shirtless boys in the cloud of poppers - Menergy

Dublin - shirtless boys, illegal parties - Sweatbox, Mother

Crazyvores - Crazyvores and author

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