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Athens - weheartit

Austin - Culturemap

Bali - Cocoon 

Bangkok - Charles Roffey

Belgrade - Vesna Lalic, BNE

Bogota - Theatron De Pelicula

Buenos Aires - Human

Cartagena - D8

Dubai - Lars Plougmann

Hong Kong - Angelina Draper

Las Vegas - Liaison

London - Matt Brown -

Las Vegas - Liaison Las Vegas

Madrid - Ted Eytan

Tokyo - Lauren Anderson -

Mexico - Jose Miguel Rosas

Paris - Raidd

Rio De Janeiro - Cariocawear

Santiago - Tera

Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv Pride

Tokyo - Lauren Anderson

Warsaw - DL



11 reasons why I like to party in Asia - Mixwell bar

Top 5 best clubs and parties in the world - Glamcocks / Shot In The City Photography

Party calendar -  Alina Krasieva 

Trut party - Bert Kommerij

Mexicans do know how to celebrate - Saint club

Doing Castro right - Beaux

For boys who love girls who love girls... - Milkshake festival 

How to survive a weekend in Berghain - 6AM

Gay pride + Love parade = Berlin CSD - Dave J

Some serious Berlin Pride pre-gaming - Revolver party

Go out for some window shopping - Sodade 2

The secret of having a proper gay night out - Dragon men

Fancy him - Fancy him

The biggest gay party in Asia - Ageha

New years eve in London - Popcorn party facebook page

The most exotic gay night out in my life - El Divino de Cuba

Every night entertainment - Asian Beyonce - Mixwell bar

Trasher - definitely best party in town - Trasher

Christmas in gay sauna - Babylon

All the gayborhood's drinking holes - DJ Station

My miserable life in Vegas - Piranha facebook page

Drugs, sweat and sex in a church - Rapido events

Pride (or simply daydrinking) - theculturetrip

Circus in the church full of gays - Cirkus Klautewerck

A proper gay night out in Hong Kong - Propaganda

Free vodka for gays - Travel Asia today

It's all about sex- day and night - The Week

How to party hard - night

My desparate search for a decent club in the Columbian party city - author and D8

Theatron  - they gay amusement park - author and Theatron De Pelicula

Argentine Syndrome - Human Club

Fiesta Jolie - Fiesta Jolie

The best club in Buenos Aires - Human - author and Human

Fiesta Plop - Fiesta Plop

There are no gays in Dubai - Balazs Szanto

Hanging out with friendly Chileans - Barcelona

Welcome to the Gay Christmas - Jeffrey Fen / Sydney Mardi Gras, ARQ, author and friends

Straight? Hetero flexible? - Le Bar Con, Le Grad Hotel

Cocktail d'amore - main illustration -

Tel Aviv Overrated and Overpriced Pride - Tel Aviv Pride, Tel Aviv Waterpark 

Amsterdam Pride or 100 boys in tutus - Funhouse, Rosario, Tutu Crew

Infamous La Toilette and why really Violet Chachki was thrown out - Le Toilette, TM

The Week Safado Paris - Low Cost, Grandma Friendly Circuit Party - RedWolf

Menergy - shirtless boys in the cloud of poppers - Menergy

Dublin - shirtless boys, illegal parties - Sweatbox, Mother

Crazyvores - Crazyvores and author

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