The capital of Colombia has a very limited amount of tourist attractions. It's clearly separated into safe and not really safe neighborhoods (do not stay downtown!). I would say one day is more than enough to see the tons of gold (in the museum), and to go up the Monserrat mount (I was peeing my pants as you do feel how high it is while taking that cable car).


The life quality for the middle and upper class is pretty good. You can enjoy really delicious food in the world class restaurants and good cocktails in the hip bars. You will not feel like a money bag (like you feel in Cartagena). I stayed couple days longer than people usually do and I'm very happy I did that. 


The nightlife is all about one club - THEATRON . It is huge - the biggest gay club in the world. It's rare that gay club would be so good that crowds of straights love it (at the same time still respecting the gays - no bachelorette parties). There are other clubs, but once you see the king club you don't have time for the others. Unless you like electronic music, which has a great scene as well.


Another thing that must be mentioned - Colombian boys! The world does not appreciate how cute they are. We all know about gorgeous Colombian women, but not about the men. You must go and see the hot and friendly boys of Bogota, where they keep the creme de la creme of the country.

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January 25, 2017

Whenever I told anyone in Colombia, that I’m going to Bogota - the reaction was the same - ‘you must go to THEATRON! Everybody has been there and everybody loved it!

I arrived at the city on Thursday;...

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