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GMF truck at Berlin CSD gay pride parade


Yes, that’s the official slogan for the city; and Yes - there are so many things possible. Go shopping to the biggest malls in the world, dine in the best restaurants, spend a day in a water park, or enjoy skiing (yes snow exist in the desert city), spend the night dancing in the posh nightclubs. But what about the gay world??


The official warning: United Arab Emirates is the country where same sex sexual activity is illegal and punishable by prison time, chemical castrations and deportation for foreigners. 


Sounds very scary… but as I learned while traveling to homophobic countries often reality is very different from what you read or hear. In any case - precautions must be taken - as usual, the same global rule applies - DBS - Don’t Be Stupid. There are gays everywhere and they find the ways to live and have fun, just in some cities gay world is deeper ‘underground’ than in others. 


If you’re in the city on Monday night - dance your night away in a very gay friendly party with the local and expat boys. It’s not an official gay night, but let me just say this - you will have a blast. Other than that - talk to the boys online and meet them in the bars for a drink or more (yes alcohol is available, but only in hotel bars).


Be warned that some things look more gay than they really are - e.g. nose rub is a unique way of greeting, showing friendship and deep respect.

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