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Rainbow and UK flags in London


Madrid is definitely one the most beautiful cities on this planet. The true queen of the queens! Chilling in the El Retiro Park, having a drink(s) and tapas in the bars are always my best memories from my visits. 


My only problem is - gays! Madrid must be the only city where I simply cannot connect with the locals. I lived there for a month and still almost nothing. On my travels I met many interesting Spaniards from this city, but not while visiting this city. Every second online profile begins with - ‘masculino’. I know #masc4masc exists everywhere, but this city has taken it to the next level. All the guys are basically one type - super boring. And that’s only in Madrid. E.g. Barcelona is a totally different story, more relaxed, more types of the boys. If you’re not Madrid type and/or not into Madrid gays - don’t go there. Well OK the above might sound harsh… I met a few nice boys, but waaay too feeeew!


If you already there, you can still have some fun. At night you simply must go to CHUECA - the gay neighborhood which is becoming straight (as in the most of the big cities). It still has a few gay bars, some really trashy, but fun - try LA KAMA. Currently the main attraction is MARTA CARINO - the classy bar serving strong alcoholic beverages. It gets pretty busy with #masc4masc boys on Saturday nights, still the best place to go for a drink with your friends (not by yourself!). 

For some dancing just walk down the block to BAILA CARINO. Come early to see all the cute boys (if Madrid still has them). After 1:30 am the line gets insanely long. This party is really popping - absolutely a place to be!  


Surprisingly Madrid is another city where Sunday is a good night to go out. Check out CASSETTE for some electro beats and mixed crowd.

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