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San Francisco city hall in rainbow colors


Let me start with the fact that Chileans are weird. Sometimes their taste in men, their Cristian values, sometimes tiny details as understanding why they get offended bother me. Maybe it’s because not only they are so far from the rest of the world, but also huge mountain range separates them from all the other gays of this planet. Also strong religion presence doesn’t give much good for our brothers. 


Having said that - I must add - they are very friendly people. It is really easy to make friends there. The love for America taught them to speak English much better than in any other South American country. If you’re American they will love you even more (mention the green card). 


You don’t need many days to explore the city. Costanera skyscraper, the highest building in the southern hemisphere is worth a visit and the Cerro Cristobal reached by the teleferico gives you amazing views of the city and the mountains. Get some coffee in the beautiful Bellas Artes (which is supposed to be the gay area, but I never noticed that) and get drunk in the basic street bars in Bellavista (gay clubs are also there). 


There’s a luxury club DIVINO 20km outside the city, literally next to the highway. It’s expensive and soooo far. Who on Earth would go there? I’ve been to the city twice and planned to go there for a few times, but it’s just a ridiculous idea to take a taxi 20km outside the city to the middle of nowhere. All the locals I talked to told it’s not worth it - good luck trying!

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