Blond surfers, hot bodies, easy life under the sun - that’s the typical Sydney’s selling points. And they are always truth (except for the rain during the last Mardi Gras). Seriously I’ve never seen so many hot boys anywhere.


There are sharks and skin cancer, but nobody cares about those - just bring your family pack of SPF50 sunscreen. The main problem facing this city is the lack of brains in the gay bubble. It’s like WeHo of the southern hemisphere - nice bodies, not much content. I can never appreciate too much the friends I have there - smart and handsome. That does happen! 


Absolutely the best time to visit the city is Mardi Gras. Gays stole it and transformed into Pride - the best combination ever. Get ready for at least a week of parties, including the main one with 12’000 gays from around the globe and the night parade with craziest costumes and a ton (literally) of glitter. 


Get the maximum allowance of vodka at duty-free on your arrival as it’s super expensive in the city. Get drunk before you go to every party as they measure alcohol for every drink and it’s impossible to get drunk. The only option at the club to get buzzed - wine - it’s stronger than Long Island there (a few times cheaper too).


May 2, 2017

We always hear about the gay pride parades as a platform in fighting for our rights. Which is super important! However today let me speak about the different side of the pride parade - the exciting, f...

April 25, 2017

Sydney Mardi Gras is definitely a gay Christmas. It’s so big, colorful, sexy and fun - more than in any pride I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to couple dozen around the world). 

For Aussies it’s the o...

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