People call me Loup Blanc because when I ask my friends what I’m best in, they all say traveling and partying. 


During the last 5 years I’ve been constantly on the road exploring cities (more than 250), countries (62), continents (6). Meeting new people and going out as much as I can is basically in my DNA. My life is all about dancing the night away, having my drinks till the guys become beautiful and even experiencing some true life 'hangover' scenarios. I cannot hold it all of this in my human brain and feel as though I must simply share all this with the world. 


This project is all about looking for the best night out in the gay capitals of the world (well… villages sometimes too). I don't care about dirty sex clubs or saunas, I’m way more classy than that! My entries are only about bars, clubs and special parties. You can love my reviews or hate them. But trust me - they will help you in having the best night out!


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