The island that recently became a symbol of the perfect vacation. Tyra Banks and other celebrities promoted it so well that most of gays go there to relax, recharge - expecting it to be the best place in Asia.


Guess what! It’s definitely not! Most of the beaches are full of trash, impossible to swim in as you have to walk a mile till it gets deep enough. It takes an hour or two to get to the good beach from the town on the third world roads and terrible traffic. It’s basically a white people (mostly obnoxious drunk Aussies) colony with hardly anything Balinese left. Why travel to Asia to eat at American or French restaurants, as there are  hardly any local restaurants here. They do have one of the best in Asia beach club - POTATO HEAD bringing the best DJs, but again - it’s very western.


On the bright side - the temples are beautiful (but after the 3rd you will get bored) and Ubud town is great for relaxing and recharging. I also loved the sunsets (absolutely stunning!) but that’s it! Asia has so much more to offer. Staying in Bali is basically being in Asia in your western safety bubble.


The gay world hardly exists here - just 3 tiny bars next to each other in Seminyak. The beach club COCOON is gay friendly. With some effort gays can be found in all the beach clubs and even one dancing club in a fake European style church (which is terrible as it was not planned properly for the sound system to work well - enjoy the echo!).


All this doesn’t make it a good rainbow destination - but if you wanna chill near the swimming pool, eat good western food and get boys via Grindr - go there!

The Best Club -      Mixwell 🍭🍭🍭

March 6, 2015

Generally Bali is not a top gay destination, but there’s this bar called MIXWELL where I recharge in my own way. 

After the day near the pool and nice dinner I always jump in a taxi and head to the gay...

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