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Generally Bali is not a top gay destination, but there’s this bar called MIXWELL where I recharge in my own way.

After the day near the pool and nice dinner I always jump in a taxi and head to the gay area of Bali - it’s basically 3 tiny bars next to each other. I’m loyal (and you should be) to the one on the left - MIXWELL. They have the best entertainment, service and usually draws the biggest crowd.

This place is definitely special. When you arrive there for the first time - the ‘fresh meat’ experience is guaranteed. Besides everybody staring at you, instantly bar boys (waiters) will come to welcome you and ask your name, where you are from and some other questions for their virtual database. Next time you’re back they all will know your name and will call you mister San Francisco / London (or wherever you are from). Also they will know who your friends are, what type of boys you like (whom you hooked up with too). On one hand it’s terrifying, on the other it’s nice to feel local after your second or third night.

The bar is very long (deep or whatever you wanna call it), usually westerners stand close to the entrance (or simply on the street, which is a thing apparently); however, when the time comes when you need a bathroom, which is in the furthest corner you will have to go through the whole crowd of locals. Sounds simple, but not really! Every single one will try to grab your crotch, which to me is not fun at all (maybe that's their way of saying ‘hi’). First night is a challenge, but later on it gets easier as they already know your ‘name’ and you can get used to some of the foreign customs. After a few nights you might even feel disappointed as you won't be bothered anymore as the "fresh meat" label has worn off.

The highlight is definitely the drag show. Which is super funny as I’ve never seen Asian versions of Beyonce, Niki Minaj, Katy Perry and all the others. They have amazing costumes, dancers and manage to perform well on stage and on the super narrow bar top. These girls are fabulous! Most likely Beyonce right after the show will be eating some street food next to the bar. I always wanted to see how she eats noodles!

I believe that the great manager is why this bar is such a success for years. Sometimes he simply comes around with a bottle of tequila and pours some into the mouth of every guest. In my opinion, it’s the best fuel for a good party!

The ratings!:


hotness of the crowd ---------🍭🍭🍭

friendliness of the people ----🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

music quality ------------------🍭🍭🍭🍭

drinks --------------------------🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

lights and sound --------------🍭🍭

coolness of the venue --------🍭🍭

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