Hello. I am Loup Blanc. I was given this name while having crazy parties in France - I don't mind it at all. I have had amazing night outs on all the continents. Oh I'm lying - some big rave in Antarctica is still on my bucket list. I will give you a few tips on how to have the best night ever and party like there's no tomorrow! And in case tomorrow comes, your body might hate you, but you still gonna be smiling… I promise!

From my experience - anywhere you travel, be it Vegas, Rio, Ibiza, London, Berlin, Sydney or Tokyo, more or less the same rules apply for having the night of your life. Let me dispense my advice.


- Do some research - talk to local people - they always know what is best and trending.

- Your time and research will pay off. A friend of mine asked a taxi driver in Bangkok for the gay night club and was taken to a dozen of strip clubs and sex shows instead...

- Check pictures and tips online - some of them might be crucial - especially in places where bouncers actually bounce. Reading our “night outs” might help a lot - just saying!

- Do not come too early - fashionably late is the way to do it. Again, research! - it's so different city by city. e.g. Fashionably late in Pacha Buenos Aires is around 4am.

- Do not go to bars - only sad and miserable people go there, or at least chose a bar with some dancing.


- Do some research - check pics what people are wearing, it can be pretty different in each place. E.g. a lady wearing high heels would never be allowed to enter Berghain (Berlin), but you're OK in shorts at DJ Station (Bangkok).

- Black color is always a safe choice - looks classy, if anybody spills the drink on you - you're ok.

- Make sure you show SKIN - more skin than in daily life. but please do not look like you're a hooker, in your cross fit gym or on the beach!


- Comfortable! You do want to dance the night away!

- Leave your classy Jimmy Choo and Versace at home - you do not imagine how dirty they get on a crazy night - it's hard to believe how many people will step on your feet.

- I always have my party shoes - something comfortable and a bit classy - usually silver color in my case.


- Ladies - try harder! It's dark - nobody can see small and grey things.

- There is a thing as evening make up - go for that! make yourself sexy but hardly reachable.

- Guys - make sure you wash your hair and add some gel! Make it sexy! However do not go crazy with make up - stay a man!


- Socialize! Make sure you talk to many people. If you're too shy - get another cocktail for gods sake!

- Cocky people should not be allowed to get in. They should stay home alone by themselves.

- Make friends! You do not make any lifetime commitments (unless you're in Vegas) - most likely you will not meet these people ever again.

- Do not look for a hook up! If you do - trust me drunk searching for that ass you look like another hooker or an escort.

- Instead you must flirt! Be promiscuous!

- Smile! That breaks all the walls and people are more likely to approach you.

- DANCE! That's why you came here - right! It is so easy to socialize, make friends while dancing.

- Do not overDANCE! Try at home, look what other people do. You are not going to perform on the stage of Madison Square Garden.


- Drink! Night clubs look so bad when you're sober.

- Never come to a night club sober - make sure you do some aperitif beforehand.

- If you think you're shy - drink!

- If you have basically any issues - drink!

- Think what you're drinking. Do not do Long Islands and strong shots in the beginning unless you want to leave in one hour.

- Beer and wine will bring you down, you will feel bored - not a good option.

- Mixed drinks always will give you energy which is so crucial part of your night out!

- Do not mix different alcohol! It never works well, worst hungover guaranteed…

- If your energy goes low - one Red Bull always saves the night.

- Know your number (of drinks you can take). Make sure you always stay 1 drink before your limit - that's the best time of the night.

- And the last one - drink as much water as you can before you go to sleep.


- Do drugs only if you're not addictive personality, meaning you can drop smoking in one day or you spend max 10$ for gambling in Vegas.

- If you go for them - make sure you use party drugs. google will tell which are the good ones.

- Do not do pot. It has nothing to do with a good night in a club - you will look and feel miserable.

- Chose the best night for drugs, where you will have thousands of people, amazing lights, lasers, out of this world sound system.

- I will not start teaching you about side effects - you know that. Think twice before you take them. be smart!


- Never look for sex in a night club - you will look pathetic to other people.

- Instead, be friendly and look for friends - usually those friends end up in your bed after few hours.

- Dance with the people you like - those moves create strong attraction.

- Have that condom with you at all times - it is as important as your ID - you don't even imagine the situations you might need it on a crazy night.

Other vital information

- If you see a lot of blood on your hands - do not panic - wash it. there is a big chance it's not your blood. then keep on dancing. my true life experience!

- Look at what the bartender in poring - make sure you don't get mixers with bad quality vodka - that happens in some countries. sometimes they even add GHB. Another true life experience!

- Never accept a drink from the person you do not know if you haven't seen bartender making that drink. Leave that braincell responsible for this decision sober.

- Always carry your ID. in some places you will not be allowed to get in even if you look 50 (usually the case in USA).

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