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Yes, the title says a lot - but why not? I'm not Catholic and this country celebrates Christmas only in the shopping malls. Actually, I believe I'm too classy for saunas and I never go to them, however this one is the self proclaimed “best sauna in the world” and was holding a monthly foam party on that night.

My friend was super bored (as I was too) and was invited to check it out. We had a couple of drinks for bravery and went there. By the time we arrived to BABYLON it was already 8pm (which apparently is very late for a sauna).

After paying the cover and changing into our speedos we came to the main room. I've been to a few foam parties in Europe and Australia that were super fun, however the Babylon one was different. Honestly it's not as good... and nothing surprised me much. Everybody was in their underwear which consisted of a very wide age range (I'd prefer to be in slippery surroundings only with younger guys), crappy music and an uncontrollable amount of foam with people literally drowning.

I needed MANY drinks to make it bearable. As soon as I reached the OK party status in my mind it was over! I mean - 10pm - what kind of party is that! We didn't even manage to explore the maze before the lights were on! Never going back!


hotness of the crowd ---------🍭

friendliness of the people ----🍭🍭

music quality ------------------🍭

drinks --------------------------🍭🍭🍭

lights and sound --------------🍭

coolness of the venue --------🍭🍭

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