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There’s nothing good happening on Sunday night in the city, so TRUT is always the best option. I’ve been coming to TRUT for a few years and I’ve always had a good time!

This is the only absolutely non-commercial party that is happening since the 80s for the guys who might still not be out of the closet; that's why the old rule of ‘no cameras’ is still valid. In fact, you are not allowed to use your phone at all! Getting in contact with a guy might be a little tricky so try to be resourceful! I once tried to use my phone in the bathroom, where I was still caught by the staff who asked me to switch it off… I guess I'll bring a pen next time!

Entrance is just 2 Euros, but keep in mind you might need to wait in line for while as it's a tiny club with limited capacity and the system is one in, one out. I generally like to arrive slightly before 10pm when they open the door and the club gets packed. Another good option is to come around 11:30pm as the youngest boys leave home to study and they let new people in.

It's a tiny dirty club with volunteer DJs, sometimes I'm not entirely sure if they are the one’s playing the music. Drinks are crazy cheap; 1 euro for a beer/soft drink, 3 euros for alcohol. Glasses are small (but you’ll inevitably pour half of it out accidentally while dancing); however, the bartenders are by far the bitchiest in the world, which means don’t even try asking for ice or lemon for your tequila shot.

In the end almost nobody dances, everybody is wasted and talks louder than the shitty music, unless they are busy making out. Yes - every time the party eventually becomes some kind of make out orgy like a 7th grade school dance.

Even though it may sound like a dodgy place, I always meet really interesting, nice, cute boys there! Waking home is always hard, biking is even harder as nobody leaves this place without being hammered. That's if you end up going to your own home.

🍭Book your hotel close to TRUT 🍭

TRUT 🍭🍭🍭

hotness of the crowd ---------🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

friendliness of the people ----🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

music quality ------------------🍭

drinks --------------------------🍭🍭🍭🍭

lights and sound --------------🍭

coolness of the venue --------🍭🍭

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