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Everybody who traveled around South America will tell that Argentina is the most European of all. I cannot deny the feeling that I’m not that far from the old continent. However some things do surprise me a lot.

Argentina was one of the first countries in the world to legalize gay marriage in 2010. Yet even in Buenos Aires in 2017 I don’t feel like being in a very open minded and tolerant country. You can say it’s funny but I noticed that Grindr profiles do reflect a lot about the city/country. Here are mostly shirtless torsos or oceans and mountains; and words like masc4masc and discreet (in Spanish) are very common. Somebody literally messaged me saying - ‘looking for a masculine guy’! Right…

I did go out gazillion times here. And oh boy, these guys are strange - everybody is dressed up to stress the masculinity. To the level that I think I was the only one in the room wearing a necklace. To add up the style of Argentinians is terrible, to say the least - white button up shirt and flannel is still pretty much the trend at the night clubs.

I thought I need loads of alcohol to let my hair down - these boys need much more. They do need more of those barra libre (open bar) parties! Only after drinking for two hours all the macho men become fun kweens waving their hands and shaking their asses. Not much PDA as well - in the gay club among some 1000 partygoers I saw maybe 4-5 couples kissing. I might have helped with the statistics while being a part of the action.

While talking to more openminded locals who do notice that syndrome as well I got the only explanation - it’s a Catholic country! It’s surprising how country’s religion can influence even the new generation that is not really religious anymore. Oh well, we all know how this masculinity melts down behind the closed bedroom doors…

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