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With a gazillion of parties happening every day it’s pretty hard to navigate the playa to have the most amount of fun and the smallest FOMO. Here’s some help - the parties bellow will definitely deliver!

If you’re not using any electronics on the playa, download the pdf version here.


8pm - 7am TECTONIC 7:30 Esplanade

Look for the light up volcano with triple fire poofers. Come for virgin sacrifices, dancing and some alcoholic beverages bar! If that happens t be a cold night - that’s the warmest place on Esplanade.


1pm - 5pm MYSTOPIA Inner Playa between Man and Center Camp

There’s nothing better than having an amazing ice cream while dancing in the desert. You can't miss the Western-themed wagon in the inner playa between the Man and Center Camp, I never look for it, but always find it.

5pm - 8pm PARADISE MOTEL 7:15 G

A tea dance for everyone from Babylonian Whores to “Virgin” Marys. Journey to the inn that welcomes everyone and let The Spirit Move thy body at this all Mash-up (Music with Lyrics!) dance party. I know my costume - will try to be pretty virgin (it’s still just the beginning of the week)!

8pm - 12am GLAMCOCKS 7:30 D

These boys are always fun, Make sure you come to at least one of their parties (you will get addicted and will go to all of them). Mysterious drinks at the bar, glowing bodies dancing to the tribal beats - perfect way to begin your night.

Mercury Touchstone Launch Party 8:45pm - 12am BAD ASSTRONAUTS 9:00 H These guys have all the best things I can dream of: 6000 LED covered rocket, laser stars, UV lights, Badass Stamps and Moontang shots. I’m in!

Baaahs and C&J FLIP 10pm - 4am Comfort & Joy 8:00 D and on the BAAAHS Funky/indie/techno sounds are gonna take you on a dirty beat, synth surfin' joyrdie through disco light and stardust. From there techno/house starship will carry you home.


8pm - 12am GLAMCOCKS 7:30 D

Calling all mischievous mermaids, muscled mermen, and sexy sea creatures. Go deep with the GlamCocks as they bring you 20,000 queens under the sea. Find me at the bar, give a hug… or more.

Pushin' Pink w/Pink Mammoth 10pm - 4am Comfort & Joy 8:00 D Pink Mammoth takes over the Comfort & Joy Afterglow tent! Get your pink on hunny. Love fest, all around! You won't want to miss this!


8pm - 12am GLAMCOCKS 7:30 D

Grab your finest denim and dust off your bedazzler because it's time to sparkle! We're going to dance the night away to our favorite divas! You must have a Glamor Shot with me at the bar.

9pm - 12:30am MYSTOPIA 7:00 G

It’s the annual Mystopia Party (on a new night) and you won’t want to miss it! I’m still having a FOMO for missing it last burn!


1pm - 3pm PARADISE MOTEL 7:15 G

10 years on the playa! For their birthday they promise to spike their famous snow cones and a few surprises. I wonder how naughty the naughty line will get.

2pm - 5pm GLAMCOCKS 7:30 D

Practice your mouth to mouth as the hottest and wettest beach party on playa returns for sunshine fun, drenching squirt guns, and Speedo-bouncing beats. SPF 69 Recommended. Amazing collaboration with Bootie and BAAAHS.

All Hail Smoothies! A Queerborhood Party! 3pm - 6pm GENDER BLENDER 7:15 E Smoothies, dancing, sexy gender blender games, toss the monkey make-out, and an all-around queer love fest! Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included. All the fabulous queer camps are invited.

8:45pm - 12am BAD ASSTRONAUTS 9:00 H

One more black light party - yay! Leave the gravity of earth behind! Power your rocket boosters with Moontang shots. Get an official Badass Ass Stamp.


1pm - 4pm MUDSKIPPERS 7:15 E

Come for the same fierce attitude, red carpet, step-and-repeat photo opp, and outrageous costumes that have made this one of the most favorite parties on the playa five years in a row!


A few more tips for your pleasure:


Absolutely my favorite gayborhood bar. The best place for a drink before or after the parties, or basically any time of the day. I know every time I go there I will get a Playa Cosmo, meet interesting people and they will ask if I’m 21 or older (makes me feel like a twin again).

10am - 12pm Mon-Thu GLAMCOCKS 7:30 D

Coffee served at the bar with some wake up music on the dance floor. I can’t start my day without my coffee with a shot of Glam.

12pm - 4pm daily PARADISE MOTEL 7:15 G

All you need during the day in a snow cone! Cut the line if you show your junk! Fact - sometimes the naughty line gets longer than the general one.

Bear Shower Happy Hour! 3pm - 6pm Tue & Thu ASTROPUPS 4:30 J Join the Astropups in their favorite cleansing ritual! Their team of pups, otters, cubs, bears, and other beasts will demonstrate super showering techniques with a few frisky performers on the shower demonstration stage. All humans are welcome!

Moontang Happy Hour 4pm - 6pm daily BAD ASSTRONAUTS 9:00 H Enjoy Moontang shots to galactic beats from across the universe. Different musical genre every day! Get your badass ass stamp!

Every afternoon PINK MAMMOTH 8:30 F

That pink shade structure with a great music is always very welcoming. Visiting it is simply is simply a must, especially during the dust storm - that’s when the magic happens. Seriously - from every visit there I have amazing stories to tell.

You cannot miss the gayborhood’s favorite art car. It’s a big ass amazingly awesome homosexual sheep (basically a huge sheep shooting lasers), that wants you to slide in, get on the top and dance!

See you on the playa!!

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